Something New

Do you ever find yourself switching gears or drastically changing your routine or being made to get out of your comfort zone? Sometimes it is for the best and works out really well and other times it can be chalked up as a learning experience! That is what I felt I when working on the illustrations for "Lizbeth Lou Got A Rock in Her Shoe".

I felt that my black silhouettes would not resonate well with the story.  I realized I needed to present the illustrations in a totally new way.  So I decided to try setting up my paper cuts from white paper in a diorama, illuminate them and then take a photo.  I knew I had quite a learning curve ahead of me.  So I just thought I should take one step at a time and not worry that I was an amateur photographer or that this process was all new to me and that I would just have to figure things out as I went along.


I began experimenting with different brands and weights of paper.  Some papers were too flimsy or too thick to cut through.  I found that Canson 90 lbs watercolor paper was perfect for what I was looking for.  

This was one of the first paper cuts completed for the book.  The rock was the only colored paper that was used in the illustrations.  I used some velum for the cricket's wings to give them a translucent look. 

Once the art was cut, it was arranged in a diorama and lights were placed behind and underneath.  The added lighting really gave the art some depth and a sepia tone.  When everything was arranged I took lots of photos using a SLR camera.  

My little makeshift photo booth.  


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