Lotte's Magical Paper Puppets ... a sneak peek

A quick preview glimpse of the picture book,

                        Lotte's Magical Paper Puppets


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Lotte's Magical Paper Puppets









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A few days ago a surprise package came in the mail.  Two copies of Lotte’s Magical Paper Puppets arrived in my mailbox.   I was not expecting to hold this book in my hands until sometime this coming October.  This is the book I’d been working on illustrating for over a year.    

It’s a unique picture book about Lotte Reiniger and the love for her art.  From childhood all the way up to her 80's she made paper cut silhouette puppets.  These characters became the actors in her animated films.  In 1926 she made the first full length animated movie and invented the multiplane camera.  Despite many challenges, she followed her passion.

Sitting down to give the book a read through, I reminisced about how I worked through a challenging part or how a special lighting effect for a certain scene was made.  It was a joy to come across the little details and special touches throughout the book.   The puppets on the pages seemed to smile back at me and acknowledged the journey we took together.  I think we knew that Lotte would be very pleased that this book came to be. 

Brooke Hartman is the author and I love her writing style; it is beautiful and gives you space to think for yourself.  The end matter at the back of the book gives more details and history about Lotte. 

The publishers for this book are Page Street Kids.  Their team was great to work with.



There are so many little special touches that really make this book shine!   On the spine, there are little flourishes and even the bar code area has a decorative frame!  



I had all the best intentions to document and share the illustrating process with you as I went along.  Well, I did do lots of documentation but very little sharing... to be honest, not much sharing at all. 

Now that the process is complete, I'm going to start writing about the journey from the beginning  I will include lots of great photos and behind the scene shots and talk about the tools and makeshift techniques I used.  I’ll write about the process of illustrating the heartaches and triumphs that come hand in hand.  


I love your questions and comments so please feel free to post publicly or privately. 

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