A Life in Paper

  • How to paper cut!

    Here is a free template and a tutorial on how to cut it out!


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  • Setting up an art show booth

    I wanted to share with you my booth image from the Three Rivers Artist Festival June 2015.  It is such a big undertaking to plan, pack, and put up a booth!  I am able to pack everything in my 2006 Honda CRV.  It certainly is like an over sized puzzle for sure!   I just figured out how to unbolt m... View Post
  • Starting from the Middle

    My process of paper cutting begins with a spark of an idea, a glimmer of a thought, or a single clip from a situation.  I'll draw the image that comes to my mind and rework it a few times in a sketch pad.  I try to shape  the imagery so it has  a sense of movement and conveys a feeling.  I will... View Post