• Thank you for the extra gifts you sent me! That was very kind of you. I bought a number of your products at the airport when I used to volunteer there with my dog. Since we aren’t going anywhere right now, I thought I would get in touch and buy a few things from you. Your products are so lovely… And so Pittsburgh! Thanks again.
  • Lizbeth Lou Got A Rock in Her Shoe story book ....This looks lovely Kathryn, for my granddaughters Avery & Tristin. Take care & Be safe
  • Your art is so beautiful and intricate!
  • I enjoy sending unique cards for various occasions and so these cards are perfect for me. From the whimsical animals to the creatively designed Pittsburgh scenes, Kathryn's artistic talent shines through. The attention to detail makes each card come alive!
    Heather from Canonsburg, PA
  • I love these cards for their delightful creatures, clean lines and vivid, sparkling colors. And ordering them is easy.
    Barbara from Berkeley, California
  • During the pandemic, I had no way to buy cards and I do enjoy remembering the special days of friends and relatives. Luckily, I had saved a favorite card and was able to contact gocarrgo on the web site. This way, I was able to buy cards for the entire year. Some were of my favorite sites in Pittsburgh and Chautauqua. Now I'm going to have to order more!
    Sue from Oakmont PA
  • have been fortunate to have been purchasing Kathryn's art prints and cards for some years now and I am always proud and excited to 'gift' her art. Whenever I receive an order, it comes to me promptly and with extra special care. Kathryn's attention to detail and exceptional service are only surpassed by her gift as an artist. It is always a pleasure to support her work.
  • "...Go Carr Go not only has beautiful, unique designs, but the materials out of which they're made are exceptional in quality! ... "
    Bryce, Bethel Park, PA

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